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We are excited to report that a Bill increases chapter 13 debt limits to $2.75 million without regard to how much you owe in secured and unsecured debt has just become law.(6/21/22)  It will take effect immediately. This will help those clients who have small businesses with SBA loans or large student loans or old IRS debt that exceeded the prior detailed limitations. I understand that some of you may look at the dollar amount and your debt is no where near that but that is ok. We help all people regardless of debt load.

You are likely looking at this website because you are looking for a solution to financial problems. Out of the over 75,000 plus attorneys in Texas, I am one of 175 that are certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Consumer Bankruptcy. I am also Board Certified in Business Bankruptcy Law. I handle chapter 7 bankruptcy and chapter 13 bankruptcy and have been doing so for almost 38 years. I have recently added a second attorney to assist in my operations.

We are sensitive to the needs of our clients particularly during this pandemic and are open to serve you. We understand how stressful this time is and are happy to discuss your options with you to relieve your stress even if you decide not to file bankruptcy. If you are more comfortable consulting “virtually” we have the willingness and capability to do so. I do prefer to meet with you in person but if you are immune compromised, we will certainly accommodate you.

My office is conveniently and centrally located north of downtown Dallas at Hillcrest Rd and LBJ Freeway(635). I handle cases in both the Northern District of Texas (DFW) and the Eastern District of Texas (Collin, Denton counties and surrounding). My associate and I are the only attorneys in the office and will give you the personal attention that you deserve. My staff personally answers the telephone during business hours and often after business hours as our phones are now forwarded to our personal cell phones. You will not have to jump through telephone hoops to talk to a human being and once you are a client, you will receive the same attention. I also will often reply to emails after hours and weekends.

Please contact me via email for the quickest reply at or call at 214-522-3669. There is a contact us link on the site but since we are a small operation, it is more efficient to just shoot me an email or call.

IMPORTANT CHAPTER 13 Changes in Dallas Chapter 13 procedures in the Northern District of Texas(Dallas and Fort Worth) changed drastically in October 2016. Those individuals who are behind by more than 60 days on their home mortgages will be required to pay their mortgage payments as well as the past due payments through the Chapter 13 Trustee. The Trustee receives a 10% commission on both the ongoing mortgage payment and the arrearage amount.  This means if you can't pay your mortgage once the case is filed, your case will dismiss or you will have to surrender or sell the home. Chapter 13 procedures in the Eastern District of Texas ( Collin, Denton, Grayson and others) has not changed and there is no requirement of paying your mortgage through the Trustee. I understand that at some point they will be following this procedure in the Eastern District if people are not showing that they are making their payments regularly. Bottom line, If you are behind on your mortgage and contemplating bankruptcy as an alternative to allow you to seek a modification of your loan or to pay your past due payments through a plan, please make an appointment so that we can do what is best for your situation!

How I Can Help

Financial problems have a way of quickly escalating out of control and becoming very intimidating! They begin impacting all aspects of your life including additional stresses at work, home and personal / family relationships. I am here to guide you, and together we will be able to determine the best solution for your unique situation. Everyone's case is different and requires an attorney that will tailor a case to suit your needs so that you can sleep at night again. I am a two attorney operation which means that you will meet directly with me for all consultations. I do not run a high volume practice and you will receive personalized service. Lower your monthly payments? Become debt free? I can help you with resolving debt problems, tax problems, foreclosure, repossessions, and management of debt. My streamlined process makes this overwhelming time much easier to understand and provides you with the peace of mind that everything is being accounted for properly. A simple conversation will answer many of your questions and lower your anxiety level. With over 35 years of experience, I can provide fast and precise answers to your bankruptcy questions.

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