Do I have to take a credit counseling class before I file bankruptcy?

Under the 2005 congressional mandate, all individuals who are going to file bankruptcy under chapter 7, chapter 11 or chapter 13 must complete a credit counselling course prior to filing the case. The course providers are found at It is available by internet, telephone and some of them in person. We provide a computer with internet access for those who desire to use it in our office for this purpose if a computer is unavailable to you or if it is more convenient for you. A certificate from the company is required to be filed with the Court showing that you completed the course. I currently use as a provider. My Attorney reference Code is BTX95196. The course takes about an hour and it is available online and costs $15.

Prior to obtaining a discharge you must have additionally completed a budget counselling class. The Chapter 13 Trustee provides that service without cost. In a chapter 7 case, you must take a second class and pay for it. You will receive numerous advertisements from companies that provide the service with prices from $10-$50. If the second class is not completed, the case will close without obtaining a discharge.(not the result that you want) It is your responsibility to complete the class in a timely fashion and again, note that my office does have a computer available to you to use for such a purpose during business hours.

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