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Holly is a great lawyer, and I highly recommend her.

Holly is a great lawyer, and I highly recommend her. She and her staff are efficient and organized. But for us she went beyond the "paperwork" providing support and encourage during an obviously difficult time. You can't go wrong hiring Ms. Guelich for your banruptcy needs.

- Posted by a Chapter 13 client, 2010

Undisclosed Dallas , TX January 12, 2010

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Thank God for great attorneys like Holly that truly care for …

Holly and her staff helped my husband and I file chapter 13 exactly 5 yrs ago. She was upfront on fees and payments and made the whole process very easy for us. She even allowed us to make 2 payments on the upfront fees. We would of taken 18 yrs to payoff credit cards, medical bills, and IRS. But instead Holly helped us get out of debt in a 5 yr payment plan filing our chapter 13 bankruptcy. I am proud to say we just finished paying it off! Thank God she helped us since now we are debt free. We even got approved for a bran new car last week and only 8% interest....but not sure we want more debt lol! She even taught us how to stay in control of debt with an informative video, so I must say I have more money now than ever. Thank God for great attorneys like Holly that truly care for their clients. Every single time I called or emailed her or her staff, they responded within minutes. They are always professional, helpful, informative, and knowledgeable. I honestly think I may have been homeless by now without her help. So thank you Holly and staff for helping our family get out of debt in 5 years. Now we can live a better life without being worried of debt collectors harassing us.

Virgina Grand Prarie , TX October 25, 2012

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Thanks to Holly and her team!

Considering bankruptcy was a very challenging and emotional time. Holly was very knowledgeable, professional, and effective at defining the options available. What I appreciate most is that wasn't a pressure to decide or rush. She gave me the information and shared her experience. She prepared me for the process and kept me well informed. She's very prompt in response to questions.
I realize, two years into the five year plan, that it was Holly's experience that made the complex process simple and clear.
Thanks to Holly and her team!

Mike Dallas , Tx. April 24, 2014

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Holly B. Guelich is the best Lawyer I’ve ever met.

Holly B. Guelich is the best Lawyer I've ever met. I'm 62 and I've had dealings with many lawyers for various reasons.
Holly treated me like a person. I beat cancer twice but I've been disabled since the first round and still to this day. Holly understood me and my personnel situation. She treated me with complete respect and helped to calm me down at times. Especially the day of the hearing. I was nervous and Holly explained how easy it would be and it only took a matter of minutes. I was calm on the way in, relieved on the way out, and that's an understatement.
There are not enough kind words that could be said about Holly B. Guelich.
There is a lot to say about her expertise. She doesn't miss anything and I doubt anyone could do a better job. Holly is very good at what she does and I'm proof of that.

John Granbury , Tx. May 13, 2014

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Holly is very passionate about her work.

Holly is very passionate about her work. She work well with her clients and show that she really cares. She gives awesome advice, I would refer any and everyone to her!

Zatassney Grand Prarie , TX August 4, 2015

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Holly was so great in all ways.

Holly was so great in all ways. She really had an interest in helping me. She was very kind and patient with me and went out of the way to help me. And never made me feel stupid. It's almost like she saved my life!!! I would highly recommend her to anyone or to my best friend.

Joy Waxahachie , TX August 25, 2015

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