Do You Need a Bankruptcy Attorney?

You are likely looking at this website because you are looking for a solutions to financial problems. This website has been designed to introduce you to some basic bankruptcy concepts, and to introduce you to me, Holly B Guelich, and my office. Out of the 83,000 plus attorneys in Texas, I am one of 175 that are certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Consumer Bankruptcy Law. I am also Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Business Bankruptcy Law. I handle chapter 7 bankruptcy and chapter 13 bankruptcy. My office is conveniently and centrally located in north Dallas at Hillcrest and LBJ Freeway. I handle cases in both the Northern District of Texas (DFW) and the Eastern District of Texas(Collin, Denton counties and surrounding). I have recently hired a second attorney and we will give you the personal attention that you deserve. My staff personally answers the telephone during business hours(and after after hours since our phones now ring through to our cell phones). You will not have to jump through telephone hoops to talk to a human being.

Financial problems have a way of quickly escalating out of control and becoming very intimidating! They begin impacting all aspects of your life including additional stresses at work, home and personal / family relationships. I am here to guide you, and together we will be able to determine the best solution for your individual unique situation. Everyone’s case is different and requires an attorney that will tailor a case to suit your needs so that you can sleep at night again. I am a two attorney operation which means that you will meet directly with me for all consultations. I do not run a high volume practice and you will receive personalized service. I do not have a lot of bells and whistles on this site or send you fancy books, just information to educate yourself about your options.

Solve Debt Problems

Filing a bankruptcy places into effect an “automatic stay“. An automatic stay is legal concept that prevents creditors from taking any collection action without prior approval from the bankruptcy court. What that means to you, a person who has filed bankruptcy is that creditors must stop calling.

The IRS or School loans must withdraw any levies or wage garnishments.

The car company must not repossess, and your mortgage company may not foreclose. An automatic stay is AUTOMATIC upon the filing of a bankruptcy petition. The automatic stay requires no further action on any persons part to go into effect.

Because we file your case directly with the U.S. Bankruptcy clerk online, it is possible for you to have almost immediate relief once you and I have discussed and agreed to a mutually acceptable payment schedule. Credit reporting companies report the filing on your report immediately.

Initial consultation is at no charge. If you are ready to start solving your debt problems NOW? Call me at 214-522-3669 or email me at

Know Your Rights regarding annoying and nasty phone calls from creditors. Many financial problems can be solved, or dramatically improved, by timely planning of a bankruptcy filing – but you must have your circumstances evaluated before things become critical, By a knowledgeable and experienced , Board Certified, Bankruptcy Professional. Once I am retained, you can refer all creditor calls to my office and they are not permitted to contact you or any of your family members anymore under federal law. The retainer is the initial down payment that we agree upon for my representation. More details on the fees are noted on the tab called Fees at the top of my site.

Lower your monthly payments? Become debt free? I can help you with resolving debt problems, tax problems, foreclosure, repossessions, and management of debt.

Foreclosure, Home Loan Modifications and Bankruptcy

The possibility of losing your home is a very stressful time in your life which often affects personal relationships and your health.

Mortgage companies can only foreclose in Texas on the first Tuesday of the month and must give you 21 days notice( by letter) before the 1st Tuesday of the following month. If you are posted for foreclosure, you will receive a multitude of letters, books, CDs from people who have purchased the foreclosure list including lawyers. Be cautious of something that sounds too good to be true because there are no easy solutions to these complicated problems.

The Law Office of Holly Guelich can however file a case to stop the foreclosure!

DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE DAY BEFORE FORECLOSURE TO CONTACT AN ATTORNEY. Be careful about putting the solution in the hands of your mortgage company who often lead you on until the day before foreclosure and then not work out any promised modification to the loan. Be equally as cautious of those who contact you promising to buy your home and lease it back to you because many will take advantage of you.

Since I give a free consultation it is an excellent idea to know what your options are just in case you can’t work things out so we can be prepared to protect you if you are unable to negotiate a solution to your problems with the lender.

If You want to keep your home but you are behind with the payments, you will probably be advised to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. There are times where we can propose a home loan modification while you are in the chapter 13 proceeding which is explained below.

If you wish to surrender your home, you may be advised to file either a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 depending on your other financial circumstances.

There is no provision for getting caught up on house payments in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, while the purpose of a Chapter 13 is to reorganize your financial situation and catch up those delinquent payments. The plan can, however, cut a tax or insurance escrow shortage out and treat it over 3-5 years instead of jacking up your monthly payments for this year.

I have found that many mortgage companies are coming forward in both chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcies and are offering to work out the mortgage problems more than ever. If you can afford your house, which is something we will discuss when we look at your budget, then we will look at your personal optionsMany companies and lawyers are likely to tell you that they can modify your home loan… for a fee. Truthfully, it is a very difficult process and the success rate is very low. Beware of those individuals that promise you something that sounds too good to be true. I can assist you in applying for a loan modification I do this in a bankruptcy context which protects you during the ongoing process. Again, if you don’t make enough money to make any mortgage payments, the mortgage will not be modified. You have to have some regular income sufficient to fund a reasonable mortgage payment. We can discuss that at your free consultation.

Bankruptcy Paperwork

Filing for chapter 7 or chapter 13 Bankruptcy requires a lot of paperwork which can, at first appear to be more than a little overwhelming and many times discourages people from acting as quickly as they should.

My streamlined process makes this overwhelming time much easier to understand and provide some peace of mind that everything is being accounted for properly. A simple conversation will answer many of your questions and lower your anxiety level. With over 30 years of experience, I can provide fast and precise answers to your bankruptcy questions. The process is designed to provide several benefits, including determining the best course of action for you under the bankruptcy laws. If you would rather email your questions or call me, I welcome that as well. Please fill out the information in the top left side of any page and forward to me. You can also email me directly at if you simply want immediate contact and answers.

To contact me by email, please use this address: