What does bankruptcy cost? What are your Fees and what does this include?

No Charge Services

I do not charge for the initial consultation. It is a free consultation. The initial consultations includes a debt and budget analysis with recommendations based on your achievable goals.

Charges and Fees for Filing Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 basic attorney fees are set by the bankruptcy judges. This means you can hire an experienced Board Certified bankruptcy attorney, like myself, for the same price as a larger volume law firm would charge you for a junior staff lawyer or paralegal.

In the Eastern District of Texas, the basic fees for a non-business related case set by the judge is $4,500.00.  The basic fees for business related cases is $5,500.00. The court costs are $313.00 for Chapter 13 cases. In the Northern District of Texas, Dallas/Fort Worth including Kaufman, Hunt and Ellis Counties the base fee is $4250 with additional charges for cases with mortgages.  I will analyze the complexity of your case at the initial consultation, and down payment and we will agree on a mutually acceptable payment plan through the Chapter 13 Trustee.

Chapter 7 basic attorney fees are set by the attorney however they are reviewed by the United States Trustee for reasonableness. The basic fee depends on the complexity of the case. Usually for the simplest case, the fee is $2000- $2500 plus court costs of $338. A business case is more expensive. If you are on a fixed income(social security or disability) the fee is lower so please let me know when you call.

The base chapter 7 fee includes:

Subsequent consultations after initial consultation and Assistance in the preparation of the State­ment of Affairs and Schedules and Means Testing;

Attendance with you at one (1) meeting of credi­tors (the “Section 341 Meeting”); and

Normal and routine creditor contact.

Reaffirmation agreements

For other services, we will charge an extra fee and may require an extra retainer

Such extra services include:

Defense of adversary proceedings where a creditor has requested a determination that your debt to it should not be discharged;

Motions to lift stay where a creditor requests that the Court allow it to foreclose on or repossess your property;

Lien avoidance actions;

Excessive Amendments to the Schedules or Statement to include matters that you forgot to inform us about; and

Complaints and/or Proceedings that you may wish to file – e.g. a suit against the IRS to determine that back taxes are dischargeable.

Sales or refinancing of homesteads

The above list does not include everything but represents the type of “extra” matters or services not included in the basic retainer. If you believe that you may require any “extra ser­vices,” please inform me at the earliest possible time. Proper arrangements concerning them can then be made and your in­terests protected. If you do not disclose all of your assets or debts or if you do not tell the truth and any Complaints or Motions are filed I maintain the absolute right to withdraw as your counsel as I will not represent anyone who is not truthful and forthcoming with me

Business cases or cases with a large number of creditors will likely be a higher fee due to the fact that more time is required to handle them. Please call to discuss the fee arrangement available.

To contact me by email, please use this address: hollyguelich@sbcglobal.net.